List of Graduate Courses

Virginia Tech (M.A. program):
Fall 2008:
Rhetorical Criticism
Social Science Research Methods
Communication Theory
Spring 2009:
Public Relations Theory and Practice
Persuasion and Social Influence
Independent Study in Visual Communication and Qualitative Methods
Fall 2009:
Political Communication
Communication Pedagogy
Health Communication Campaigns
Spring 2010:
Mass Media Theory

North Carolina State University (Ph.D. program):
Fall 2011:
Teaching College Communication
History of Communication Technology
Rhetoric & Digital Media
Spring 2012:
Mass Media and Public Opinion
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences I
Communication in a Networked Society
Fall 2012:
Technology and Pedagogy in Communication
Visual Content Analysis Methods
Doctoral Supervised Research in Social Science Methods for Digital Media
Spring 2013:
Issues in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
Qualitative Research Methods
Health and Media
Fall 2014:
Doctoral Supervised Research in Mixed-Methods Social Science Research
Spring 2014:
Doctoral Supervised Research in Experimental and Survey Research Methods